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Fragrant Notes is a bi-monthly podcast created for women over 50. It is hosted by Valerie Bennis who is the award-winning creator of Essence of Vali, a line of aromatherapy products and also a health enthusiast and advocate. She will be interviewing interesting and varied women who are experts in their fields. Topics such as beauty and self-care rituals, fashion tips, health & wellness ideas, romantic relationship advice, and guidance on easing through life’s transitions will be discussed and resources will be shared. Produced and directed on the beautiful Upper West Side of NYC, listen and then join in on the topics of discussion in our Facebook group.

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The Fragrant Notes podcast is produced by Katharine Heller.

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Fragrant Notes podcast Episodes

Episode 1 –The Health Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

Laurie Lewis is an educator and a health coach with a specific expertise in intermittent fasting.  She brings her own compelling story of health and healing through this practice of eating within a specific window of time.

Episode 2 - Skincare As A Self-Love Ritual

Deborah Farkash is an educator, consultant and entrepreneur in the area of health from the inside out.  Her primary focus is on the care of the skin and the various ways we can all age gracefully.  Deborah provides health, wellness and longevity products and support to her clients.

Episode 3 - Dr. Sherri Greene

Dr. Sherri Greene is a traditionally trained podiatric doctor and surgeon who went on her own healing journey to better assist her patients. Dr. Greene works with her patients to uncover the source of their individual illness and to help them heal on a deep and lasting level.

Episode 4 –The Resonance of Color

Betsy Karp was a textile and fashion designer, working with the highly revered designers, Ralph Lauren, Vittadini and Oscar De La Renta.  After she shut down her own fashion design company, she went down another path to coach and educate people in the area of color.  She taught her clients how to use color in a transformative way to create a life they love. Her background and talent as a painter and fashion designer was the perfect combination for her to create exciting and effective programs for her clients.

Episode 5 –Youthfulness Through Facial Fitness

Dr. Naeemah Ruffin’s trajectory from CPA to general management executive to Podiatric Doctor and Surgeon to developing a facial fitness program is inspiring.  Her medical training and knowledge of the face musculature enabled her to create a unique facial fitness program. She shares with us why facial exercises are so important for graceful aging and how we can easily incorporate them into daily life. 


Episode 6 – Make More Love & Laughter

In her prior life, Beth Liebling was a divorce lawyer and married mother of five children.  Now, she’s a nationally recognized Sexpert/Intimacy Coach.  Her journey started when her own marriage ended and she sought help in search of passionate love and sexual/sensual pleasure.  She opened a sexy boutique in a Historic Houston neighborhood called Darling Way (which she has since sold) which served as her soapbox from which she started preaching and teaching the realities of passionate, romantic love. This is an informative podcast for adults that includes frank conversation about sexual intimacy.

Episode 7 - The Nuance of Fashion

Tania Sterl is a personal stylist with years of experience designing collections as a fashion designer.  She works with women through workshops, group experiences and one to one (live and virtual), to thoughtfully curate their wardrobe and revive their style so that it is in tune with their goals and vision for their well being, personal development, and lifestyle.   Tania says: “Like a kind mirror, I help you to see that potential inside, by styling you on the outside, making the invisible, visible, with style!” 

Episode 8 - Love, Sex & Relationships

Beatty Cohan MSW, LCSW, AASECT is a nationally recognized psychotherapist, sex therapist, author of “For Better for Worse Forever:  Discover the Path to Lasting Love,” columnist, national speaker, national radio and television expert guest and host of “The Ask Beatty Show” on the Progressive Radio Network.  She has a private practice in New York City and East Hampton.


Joan Clark is a nationally recognized certified aromatherapist, educator, healer and creator of the Palais Aromaetica line of products and natural perfumes. She is a pioneer in the field of using essential oils for all levels of health and well being. Joan has mentored and inspired many in the safe and effective use of aromatic essential oils to enhance life for women, men, children of all ages and their pets.

Episode 10 - Yoni Wisdom

Susan Gala, guides women to reconnect to their sacred source of power. She shares ways that women can heal their body story from female pain & trauma. Susan teaches women the practice of Yoni Steaming and other feminine self-care rituals so they can find joy, pleasure and live life radiantly.


Christina McLaughlin has over 30 years experience in the hair industry.  She is a highly revered expert as a hair stylist and color expert.  Her creativity and appreciation for the artistry of hair design is inspiring.  Throughout her career she has owned several hair salons and after settling in Sea Cliff, N.Y. opened a salon there named Wabi Sabi (the beauty of imperfection).

Episode 12 - The Menopausal Years & Sexual Health

Dr. Claudia Levine and Certified Family Nurse Practitioner, Kate Maclaughlin created Menopause Jewelbox to educate women about all the aspects and challenges of peri menopause, menopause and post menopause.  They each donned another hat as educators to fill in a gap and to satisfy a need for comprehensive education in an area that is often overlooked.