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Welcome to the Fragrant Notes Self-Care Community. In addition to exploring the blog, sign up for our email newsletter to receive informative tips for timeless beauty, sensuality and wellness. Maybe you’re a business woman or an architect, an actress or a musician; Perhaps you’re an entrepreneur, a celebrity or a retiree. In the Fragrant Notes Self-Care Community, each one of you is interested to know how to age gracefully with energy and a youthful spirit. 

I look forward to sharing exclusive offers, behind the scenes stories and inspiration with you to feel confident, joyous and connected. This is a healing place to find comfort learning about new self-care rituals as well as  a community for you to thrive within.

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Fragrant Notes hosts a podcast that asks you to embrace the many new chapters of your life. 

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Fragrant Notes women are confident, kind and curious about the world. They appreciate the art of self-care. Some travel to far away lands and others are home bodies. Fragrant Notes women enjoy the best of life while continuing to learn about and try new self-care practices.

Most of all, Fragrant Notes women are courageous in their ability to start new chapters and to always be evolving forward.

Valerie Bennis, also known as Vali, is anxious to share her knowledge from years of study in the area of aromatherapy, holistic health, wellness practices and beauty rituals.  She also plans to share exciting interviews with interesting people and possibilities from her worldwide network. 

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A Note From Vali

“Thank you for visiting my next chapter. I want to thank my clients throughout the years and welcome new followers and botanical perfume clients. The stories of our lives make a lasting impact on the heart. 

Whether you look to this podcast for stress reduction, better sleep, beauty, grace, calm, sensuality, vibrancy, clarity or to learn about essential oils, I promise to provide a creative lens for all women to thrive in a happy, healthy body, mind and spirit.”


 True beauty is found in the loving relationships we develop with ourselves and each other. Share this blog with friends and together we will become a community of women over 50 who believe in the art of self-care.