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Fragrant Notes is a lifestyle blog designed for you. Whether you wear silk dresses or jeans, you’re au natural or choose a bright red lip color, take yin-yoga classes or run in the park, all women can feel inspired by life’s new chapters. I designed this blog to be your inspiration for personal reinvention, beauty rituals and a continuous pursuit of self-care and growth. Whether you’re an executive, celebrity, aspiring author, teacher or retiree enjoying the best of life, each one of you has a place here and a special invitation to various articles, tips and advice. Let’s join together in a community of like minded women, supporting one another on each personally unique journey.


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The Fragrant Notes Blog is designed for women who appreciate timeless beauty, health and wellbeing.  This site is like your manifesto, an open book filled with new chapters read and written by you: women in the world, ages 50 and over, to feel strong, joyous and connected. Enjoy tips, advice and inspiration and share your favorite articles and stories with friends from across the world.
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Valerie Bennis is an award-winning aromatherapist who has continuously made a positive impact on women throughout her career. She was one of the first women in the field of essential oils and her legacy shines today as the founder of the popular aromatherapy company, Essence of Vali. Although she passed the baton and sold Essence of Vali in 2020, she’s not done creating fragrances. In fact, her latest scent, Earth Embrace, is ready for purchase and you can learn more about it on this site.

A quintessential part of Vali’s story is that she started aromatherapy training at the age of 41, launched her award-winning company, Essence of Vali, at the age of 48 and today, at the age of 68, she welcomes you to her latest chapter, Fragrant Notes. Vali teaches us that the ability to start a new chapter anytime and at any age, is possible.

Vali was an advertising executive, is a double certified aromatherapist and a creative entrepreneur and beloved friend to many. Today, she is proud to share her new title as lifestyle blogger for women over 50. Beauty, health and wellness will always be Vali’s true calling.

She is pleased to reconnect with customers, clients and desires to meet new women from every part of the globe through this new venture. Fragrant Notes is Vali’s way of sharing her spirit with the world from beauty rituals to information on wellness practices to inspiring stories of women following their passion at any age.


Makeup by Amina-Mitchell Alexander/Photography by Alyssa Peek




VALERIE BENNIS also known as “Vali”


“Sometimes what the heart dictates makes no sense, yet it must be fulfilled.” Verity Poldark








Vali dedicated and co-created an anthemic ballad and music video called “I Believe You” for survivors of abuse and assault.