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I first met Dr. Sherri Greene twenty years ago when I went to her for a consultation about my foot.  At the time, she was a traditionally trained podiatric doctor and surgeon.  Over time, she grew disenchanted as she saw more and more patients failing to thrive and instead developing chronic illness and painful conditions in various parts of their body.

Sherri realized that her practice needed to be more than “drugs and surgery.”  She wanted to go deeper and to explore other options outside of her traditional training and orientation.  Her deep desire to help her patients contributed to her wish to learn more and to transition her practice from one focused on the feet to treating the whole person.

Sherri started exploring the area of nutrition and inflammation and pain in the body along with the mental and emotional causes of illness.  Additionally, she studied craniosacral therapy, reflexology, herbs and hypnotherapy.  It was a whole new world and an exciting and transformative time in her life.  She embarked on her own healing journey to experience first-hand what she would then advise her patients. Sherri’s patients were excited about her incorporating new healing modalities into her practice.

She was committed to working with her patients in a scientific, holistic way to end chronic pain, boost immunity and help them live a better life.  Sherri combines the best medical practices with knowledge of complementary therapies, emerging science, and ancient traditions that have stood the test of time.

Sherri believes the root cause of illness is a combination of TOXICITY and PATHOGENS.  Toxicity comes from the environment and from what we put into our bodies in the way of “unhealthy food.” Additionally, emotional, mental and spiritual stress takes its toll.  We do not have control over the toxins in our outer environment, but we do have control over what we put into our mouths.  She explained that the toxic overload is the tipping point for our body to get sick.  Sherri’s work involves figuring out what is causing the illness and then how to heal her patients.  Some of her patients have been sick for upwards of 10 years with NO solutions offered by traditional methods.

When it comes to food, Sherri believes “healing foods” are best, specifically fruits and vegetables.  Other foods are often used for emotional and recreational purposes, not for nutrition and health.  Three foods that are often problematic are – Dairy, Eggs and Wheat.  She asks her patients to eliminate these three foods, at least initially until they are in a healthier state of being.  This can be challenging as people are often attached and addicted to their food.

She stressed that the process of cleaning up the terrain of the body to achieve optimal health is not a quick fix.  It takes time and commitment and the desire to get well.  When we add mineral rich foods cravings diminish.  Sugar and fat is not what the body needs – fruits and vegetables are what the body needs.  A change in unhealthy eating habits requires “re-orientation.”

I mentioned to Sherri a friend of mine who went to a new Gynecologist for an annual check-up.  The doctor spent 5 minutes with her.  This is very common because the doctor is checking on a body part, not a whole person.  For the initial consultation, Sherri spends one hour and follow up visits are a half hour.  She has a deep desire to know her patients and has compassion for the fact that they often feel scared.

The use of anti-viral herbs in part of her recommendation to patients.  They include garlic, thyme, rosemary, sage, turmeric and curcumin along with lemon balm, golden seal and cats claw.  The use of these substances help keep the immune system strong along with C, D and Zinc.  When it comes to supplements that can help with anxiety and depression, Sherri recommends GABA, 5 HTP, Lemon Balm and Passion Flower.

Sherri explained that a diet high in fruits and vegetables helps thin the blood.  Thinner blood is more oxygenated and can kill off pathogens much more effectively than in someone with thicker blood.  It makes sense due to the high water content of fruits and vegetables.

I was curious about Sherri’s study with Anthony William, Medical Medium, also known for his talking about the value of celery juice.  Celery juice has so many benefits including killing off pathogens and benefiting the production of hydrochloric acid in the gut.  It is best juiced fresh which Sherri said after a while becomes a habit,  just like brushing your teeth.  The benefits are numerous and life changing.

In closing, Sherri shared that she sees a lot of suffering and wants to be the force of change and to be of service to her patients.  Her deepest wish is for “Truth to be revealed in the world.”


To reach Dr. Sherri Greene:


Tel:  646-849-6444

Email:  drsherrigreene@gmail.com

Podcast interview with Dr. Greene:  https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/episode-03-dr-sherri-greene-restorative-physician/id1573982294?i=1000529431102


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