Skincare As A Self-Love Ritual

“Deborah Farkash is an educator, consultant and entrepreneur. She started Living Well Inside and Outside in 2011 to provide health, wellness, longevity products and support to her clients. Deborah holds a masters from LIU in Recreation and Rehabilitation Therapy. The first 28 years of her career she spent working with the frail elderly, including people with Dementia and Alzheimer’s. Deborah’s personal journey/ health challenges and passion for disease prevention and improved quality of life started her on the path to starting her own business.”

I had the pleasure of interviewing Deborah after having known her for many years due to a shared network of fellow women entrepreneurs.  She is so knowledgeable when it comes to skincare and teaches women how to care for their skin through all the phases and ages of their life.  Deborah represents the skincare company Nu-Skin.

She explained that most women develop sensitive skin on their face when they get older for several reasons.  For starters there are hormonal changes and the fact that the face is most exposed to the elements.  The UV rays of the sun and the blue light from devices also contribute to aging of the skin.  As early as age 29, we begin losing elasticity but it is not until women reach their 40s and 50s that they start to notice these changes.

Another reason that accounts for skin sensitivity and changes in the skin are that fat starts to diminish, the skin barrier isn’t as strong and the ability to heal decreases.  The skin is more susceptible to irritants and gene expression can be out of balance.  Sun, smoking and alcohol all impact gene expression.  If you protect yourself in the sun, do not smoke and drink minimally, you can slow down aging.  A healthy diet will reflect in the health of your skin.  Skin is an outward manifestation of your overall health.

I brought up with Deborah, the skin on the body and how since I was a teenager, I have been putting lotion on after my shower.  She mentioned the synergy of the lotion with the act of rubbing it into the skin.  This helps circulation and lymphatic movement throughout the body.  It is also a nurturing ritual to incorporate and a beautiful form of self-care.

We spoke about cleansing devices and specifically Nu-Skin’s Lumispa.  It is a device used in conjunction with a specific treatment cleanser designed for different skin types which provides gentle exfoliation, deep tissue massage and cellular regeneration.  You can also use Lumispa on the decolletage (chest).  It is used once or twice per day.

I mentioned to Deborah that I use a total of 5 different lotions on my skin – layering them.  This has become popular in the world of skincare as we age.  She suggested that we take a 30 second pause in between each layer of different products.

The accumulation of dead skin cells that build up daily can cause the skin to look dull and feel rough.  A regular routine of exfoliation is necessary for a healthy glow and smooth skin.  The problem is that often we can be too rough in our products in the exfoliation process and damage our skin.   The Lumispa gently exfoliates the skin sweeping away dead skin cells daily.

We talked about making skincare part of your daily self-care.   By turning our skincare regime into a ritual, we are honoring our body and feeding the soul.  The Lumispa with the treatment cleanser easily fits into a self-care ritual because it improves the health and radiance of the skin and a relaxing experience.

In our conversation, Deborah brought up foods that are good for the health and appearance of the skin.  Often, skin doctors do not consider this aspect and I was very glad she called attention to it.  Twelve foods that are essential for healthy skin – Fish high in Omega 3 like salmon & sardines, Avocados, Walnuts, Sunflower Seeds, Sweet Potatoes, Red & Yellow Peppers, Broccoli, Tomatoes, Dark Chocolate, Green Tea and Bone Broth.  We also spoke about a new Beauty Focus Collagen+ product with Bioactive collagen peptides as an internal supplement to help the skin maintain its youthfulness.

In summary, a healthy diet, comprehensive skincare regime, supplements, collagen, dry skin brushing and exercise all contribute to beautiful skin at all ages.  It is a synergy of self-care practices, as with the Lumispa, that become part of a daily practice and ritual that honors our body and helps us look and feel our best.  Thank you, Deborah, for sharing your knowledge and inspiring women to care for their skin throughout all the decades of their life.

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