Wrap Yourself in Beautiful Clothes – Honor Your Spirit

Gabrielle Carlson is a New York City based designer, creating beautiful women’s clothes available in her NYC based store and online: www.gabriellecarlson.com.  I met Gabrielle many years ago at a networking event and had the pleasure of visiting her store in Midtown, NYC.  She helped me select a beautiful burgundy chiffon jacket, which I wore over a black halter dress to an event. To this day I love this piece which is as versatile as it is attractive. I dress it up – or down, wearing it over a tee with jeans. Talking with Gabrielle about her clothes, you have the sense that clothes for her have a soul and spirit that guides her designing.  Gabrielle focuses on the flow and the drape of the fabrics, many of which are silk sheers. They can be readily layered, adding to the beauty of an outfit. Working with silk chiffon, a fabric that moves readily on a women’s body, Gabrielle’s designs ‘dance’ with the woman who is wearing the pieces; the chiffon creating a powerful synergy. During our interview, Gabrielle shared with me about arriving in NYC, post leaving South Africa, where her parents were actively opposed to Apartheid.  Attending school in South Africa, she was required to wear a uniform.  Notwithstanding, Gabrielle was expressive with clothes, wearing her socks at different lengths and her hat at a certain angle. Even then, for Gabrielle, dressing is about eternal possibilities – creating combinations with the pieces at hand. Post graduating, including attending The New School, further inspiring her creativity, Gabrielle worked in clothing stores in NYC including Bergdorf Goodman, where she was one of the team recruited to opened Barneys Women’s Store on 17th St.  While working at Barneys, Gabrielle began designing clothes.  She left Barneys to start her own company.  Later, she opened her first studio/store. Working with a pattern maker, cutter and sewers – many of whom are with her to this day – her designs were increasingly brought to life as she became busy dressing clients in her designs. Gabrielle’s clothes are made in NYC: For women, by women. Working closely with her customers, Gabrielle dresses women to be their most beautiful.  She views clothing as transformative, contributing to women accepting – loving themselves, especially women who have had mastectomies. Gabrielle helps women recreate their sense of themselves through wearing her pieces.  “Beautiful Clothes, in Your Size”, is Gabrielle’s tagline.  Her inclusive size range sets her apart. The more we talked, the more I understood the significance and symbolism that clothes can have in our lives.  Often, we view dressing as a practical measure, rather than an affirmation – a celebration of ourselves. Thank you, Gabrielle for allowing us to look through your eyes and be a part of your movement to empower women to dress in a way that honors their being – and beauty. To reach Gabrielle: www.gabriellecarlson.com Tel:  917 514 4433 gabonthego@gmail.com

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