Transitions Through the Lens of Love

Selina Maitreya is a visionary in the area of Practical Spirituality.  “She works with individuals and groups, guiding them as they learn how to shift the paradigm from being mind and emotion centered to being INtuitively guided.  The path to this enlightenment does not happen outside one’s self, it appears as daily life used as a spiritual practice.”

She works with energy fields to teach people how to access their intuitive field, the existence of which is recognized in science and medicine.  We have not been taught to use and access this frequency. Selina asks that we see “difficulties” as an alert system and a call to respond from the high frequency of love.  Difficulties provide an opportunity to access this higher frequency.  In the midst of transition, such as divorce, death of a loved one, retirement, loss of a job, this frequency is available to us.  It is always with us and exists within each and every person.

How do we experience loss through the window of joy?  This is very tough for most of us to achieve.  It requires deep work in the world of spirituality.  It is a skill that can be developed over time with commitment and practice. Selina works with her client’s energy/vibrational fields.  Most people want peace and Selina paves the way for their access to it.  It is through accessing our higher self that peace is attainable. 

So many of us, myself included view loss and transition as something difficult and filled with struggle.  On the other side, it is not something” bad” but an opportunity and an opening to increase our consciousness and to grow and move forward in new ways.  A loss can be a possible gain.  We choose our response.  We can stop, look, go to a higher place and respond from that place.  We can learn how to respond not from our head or from a place of fear, but from our heart and a place of love. We have this other option that is always available to us – it is omnipresent.

Selina explained that we are all high frequency multi-dimensional beings and she takes her clients through a mini tutorial where they see how each and every one of us are constructed.  She guides her clients away from viewing themselves as single-dimensional beings.  We are a physical body, brain, personality, emotional body, thinking mind, history and past lives.  Our common response FEAR is low frequency and LOVE is high frequency. If we see we are multi- dimensional with thoughts that create our life, we can switch from FEAR to LOVE.  FEAR and LOVE cannot exist at the same time.

Know you are multi- dimensional, be aware of your state, choose to stop the low frequency response, visualize, love energy, breathe.  High frequency replaces low frequency energy.  It needs to be a regular practice, that keeps getting reinforced so that it becomes natural to access.  These are habitual patterns – we can shift and change them.  Look at yourself through the frequency of LOVE and not through the lower frequency of customary labels that are often used to define us.  

When we access the frequency of who we truly are, we can attain peace.  We all share the energy of love.  When we experience the divine in us, we experience the divine in others.  We experience kindness, compassion, grace and understanding.  We have the chance to operate from a different place.  

I asked Selina practically how she worked with her clients:

  1. Free phone call for up to an hour to see if there is a good match.
  2. If prospective client decides to work with Selina, there are 2 teachings on Zoom or on the phone, scheduled one week apart.  It includes a chakra cleanse.  
  3. After the 2 teachings, there is the option to work with Selina every two weeks for six months.  Every session is recorded.  

Shared Wisdom from Selina:

  1. We are what we put our attention on – what we put our attention on grows.  
  2. When you change your frequency, how you respond to things will follow.  
  3. Low frequency reactions get reinforced and become our way of being.  
  4. The choices we make frame our life and how we see things creates our life.  
  5. Be the higher frequency of LOVE to bring in the higher frequency of LOVE in others.
  6. The faces of love are – kindness, gratitude, grace, compassion, wisdom and tolerance.

Each and every one of us will throughout our lifetime experience challenges, irritations, tragedies and losses.  When we choose to respond from a place of love, kindness, gratitude, grace, compassion, wisdom and tolerance that is directed towards ourselves and therefore others, it lessens the pain we are experiencing.  It shifts the energy from FEAR to LOVE.  Love towards the self and others is the best healing elixir and Selina guides us down the road of understanding this deep way of being. 

To reach Selina:

Tel:  978-869-7029

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