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Tania Sterl is a personal stylist with years of experience designing collections as a fashion designer.  She works with women through workshops, group experiences and one to one (live and virtual), to thoughtfully curate their wardrobe and revive their style so that it is in tune with their goals and vision for their well being, personal development, and lifestyle.   Tania says: “Like a kind mirror, I help you to see that potential inside, by styling you on the outside, making the invisible, visible, with style!” 

Tania helps women step into themselves, not just their clothes.  She gets to know her clients before she goes into their closets or goes shopping for new clothes.  Tania helps build a foundation so that styling her clients can happen in a meaningful and long lasting way.  It is not just about the clothes, but WHO wears the clothes that is important to Tania in the process of working with each client.  She wants them to be able to communicate who they are through their clothes.

Tania spoke about how women go through so many changes, physically, mentally and emotionally throughout the years of their life.  For example, childbirth, menopause, career changes, divorce, loss of a spouse, etc.  These changes require us to redefine ourselves, to recalibrate and to reevaluate our sense of identity.  It also prompts us to look at our clothes with new eyes.  Tania guides her clients through this process as 90% of her clients are in the midst of change or on the verge of change.

Practically speaking, the first step after Tania speaks with her client is to create a vision board to define their style in tune with their lifestyle, goals and desires.  This is one of the first steps in building a foundation for a woman’s transformation through clothes.  Her personal brand is being built step by step.  Once this step is complete and her client is comfortable with the direction, it is time to “shop her closet” first for the looks that speak to this newly defined style and lifestyle.  

It is an opportunity to re-imagine what she already has and to re-purpose things as well.  I remember Tania showing me how using a belt with a particular jacket totally transformed the look.  It is also a chance to part with items that no longer serve and support who we are and who we are becoming.

Once the closet has been re-curated, Tania will create a strategic shop plan, based on the client’s need to create more updated outfits, that suit the client’s budget as well. Then Tania pre-shops stores and/or online shops for the best of the best in the colors, sizes, and silhouettes that suit the client. Then, voila, the client arrives to a reserved shopping suite as if it’s her very own pre-curated boutique, and guides her clients to make smart clothing choices that exude her style. 


Each piece of new clothing is evaluated against the client’s vision and sense of what they want to project.  For example, if part of the image I want to project is “creative”, then chances are I will not select corporate looking clothes.  We are re-discovering our essential self through our clothing.  It is a form of self-care and self-love.  

Tania and I also spoke about the pandemic and how healing it is to continue to dress in a way that nourishes us and helps us feel better.   There are at home outfits in soft fabrics and nice colors that can give us an immediate boost.  Comfortable and pretty slippers along with simple jewelry, a spritz of perfume, makeup and as recommended by Tania, a dance break can all give us a boost.  She calls this self-care route “wake-up, make-up, music.” Many of us also want to be Zoom ready and staying on track with our grooming and dressing routine is very helpful.  

We can use clothes to cheer ourselves up too and as a form of self care therapy.  I recently ordered some cozy joggers and matching tops to wear at home.  Wearing beautiful underwear under casual clothes can be a fun secret and a mood boost.   One of Tania’s dreams is for her clients to know who they are, love who they are and select clothing that reflects and communicates to the world – “This is me.”

On a closing note, fashion is a pleasurable and creative tool for us to enjoy. I remember how I played dress up as a child and how much fun I had going into my mother’s closet, trying on her clothes and red lipstick.  I highly recommend Tania Sterl to guide you through the interesting journey of re-discovering who you are through reviving your style.

Feel free to contact Tania for a Discovery Call to learn about her brand new, “Rediscover yourself with Style” online experience, styling services and virtual workshops.

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