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A few years ago I was looking to update my website, marketing and personal branding and had the welcome opportunity to work with Alyssa Peek, founder of Peek Photography.  Alyssa created the best professional photos I have ever had taken of myself.  She brought out the best in me and captured me in a way no other photographer had done before.  It is my pleasure to introduce Alyssa to you.

Alyssa Peek is a former fashion executive, now artist, coach and personal branding photographer for women over 40.  Known for her transformational headshots, Alyssa brings to the lens warmth and compassion in capturing her clients true essence. She helps women to feel their own power, presence, and confidence through photoshoot sessions and one-on-one coaching. Alyssa is also an accomplished artist who works with interior designers, art galleries and home furnishing boutiques.  

Owner of Peek Photography, headquartered in NYC, her clients run the gamut from business owners, entrepreneurs, lawyers and authors.  Sometimes she is hired to simply take photographs of her clients with no specific purpose.  And sometimes, her clients also use their photos for internet dating.  I did! 

Alyssa’s mission is to see more women in leadership roles. She reflects “women over 40 are unstoppable and are moving forward starting or growing their businesses, writing books, standing on stages and yet running away from the camera.  People have a true fear of being photographed.  They believe they are unphotogenic, don’t want to look older than their last photo and don’t know how to pose.” This is where Alyssa’s magic comes in.  She “coaches” through the camera” helping her clients not only to feel beautiful and powerful but to truly know that they are.

I know from my own experience of working with Alyssa how she brought out the best in me – the essence of who I am and what I wanted to project.  When I looked at the photos, I couldn’t believe that was me, but it was and I loved looking at the various images.  Alyssa’s vision is to help clients reconnect to who they are – to open up to their essential being.  It is a re-discovery of who we are on a deeper level, rather than external level. 

The photoshoot session starts with a pre-shoot consultation on Zoom where she takes a deep dive into the clients brand and five year goals. “It is important to capture not only what you look like today but also your aspirations. I believe the photos are like creating a vision board for yourself. See it and you will be it.”

She also uses her 20+ year fashion background to virtually go into your closet and help you select the outfits for the shoot. The day of the shoot Alyssa highly recommends having your hair and makeup done professionally and works exclusively with Hair and Makeup Artist Amina Mitchell. At my own shoot Amina did an outstanding job. The photoshoot is an experience where she photographs her clients in a minimum of three outfits to create a portfolio of images to use across different social media platforms and marketing efforts. After the shoot she meets with her clients again over Zoom to help select the images. 

Alyssa works with her clients to pose them.  She is active during the shoot rather than being passively behind the camera.  You feel as if you have a partner guiding you along to bring out who you are and what you want to project.  She makes it fun and empowering.  We become ageless when we are most alive and connected to ourselves.  That is what Alyssa wants to bring out. Working with Alyssa can be life changing as her clients discover, see and love themselves for the first time. 

For an experience that will make you feel great and photos that you will love, I highly recommend you contact Alyssa Peek.


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